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Friday, 24 August 2012

Tips on Singapore PR Application

I recently applied for Singapore PR and while browsing through net could not find much information that was being shared so I thought to do so.

Most information that is needed is given in the ICA site ICA Link

First thing is to decide is why you would want the PR for. In our case we just fell in love with this place. The security and life all feels just right for us. I was much impressed with the fact on NS service for the boy which I personally feel is good for country as well as good for Individual as the discipline in life is established at early age, for the later part in the break in education a person who wishes to educated will do so no matter what.

Step One: Book an Appointment (Generally its 1 to 3 months waiting period)

ICA e-Appointment Link

Step Two:

Download the Form A from the ICA website (ICA Link).

  • You need to 2 sets of completed Form 4A (one original and one photocopy)
  • Download the Accompanying Notes to Form 4A. This will list the supporting documents that will have to be submitted together with your application. (And strictly follow the listed document needed)
Step Three:

Keep the documents in Order.
The best way is to keep the Original followed by photocopies underneath it. 
The outcome is know from 4 to 6 months time.

Some say applying for PR requires too much documents or its complicates which is not so, all you need to do is to keep documents in order and its takes only 15 mins max at the time of submission.

The application counter takes many applications in a day so the least we can do is to keep things in order so as the process is smooth.

Keep in mind that while applying for PR the governments needs the reason to give it to you.

IF you are serious you can do the following below:
  • Plan, Act and Do things as if you are going to stay here.
  • Make savings and keep it in Singapore for your future use.
  • Take Insurance for self and family you would do that in your own country if you know you will stay there forever right.
  • Enrol in Community Service. That’s important as being the part of the society what are you doing is important just than reaping the good from it.
  • The longer you are in Singapore the better it is for your application.
  • If your application got rejected give it some time. Redo the application with fresh outlook and please scrap the old photocopies of the application you have kept as reference possibilities are that you may have entered something wrong or was not legible, why do the same again.
I have also prepared a checklist excel I made for myself, you can download it and free to alter for your needs. Sample PR Checklist.xls

Also attaching a sample cover letter that I felt right for me you can download and alter it to you need as well. Sample Singapore PR Cover Letter.doc

Last but not the least the outcome might not be in our hand but attest we can keep our best foot forward.

All the Best.


  1. Hi, I am going to book an appointment in ICA. but there is an option Sponsor's NRIC /Applicant's FIN. I dont understand this option. Can you please describe this option. Thanks

  2. Hi. Normally your employer company is your sponsor. The company's registration details are filled in by the owner or HR dept. If you work for an individual owned biz the NRIC or FIN of the owner need to be provided by him.

  3. Hi, i'm having 1.2 years of exp in Singapore and married a PR in Singapore. Can i apply PR based on spouse. Can you pl let me know the PR approval chances. Thankyou